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Process of Inventing a Product
People are regular planning on inventing something, but there are about 150 000 independent investors trying to come up with a unique invention for each industry. This article will educate you how you can create a product from beginning to end so you can know what is involved in the Invention process. If you are struggling coming up with an idea for an invention then you should have a list of different problems using every day and come up with possible solutions.

You can create a survey online for you get ideas from people regarding common problems they go through, or you can decide to revamp an old product or improve already existing products. Several people use concept sketches so they can identify how the product will look like and generate different ideas on papers which they refer to during the other processes. Filing for a patent will be easy when you have physical proof of the idea through digital photos and hand-drawn sketches.

You have to come up with a virtual prototype once you have drawn their sketches and look at different design tools you can use. Ensuring you check the features of the digital design tools is essential and see whether it allows you to develop two-dimensional and three-dimensional rendering so you can use the photo-realistic prototype from every angle. When creating a physical prototype ensure you get a recommendation from an industrial polymer company to know what materials should be used.

If you want to reproduce architectural stones, use the high-quality general-purpose molding rubber which is best for concrete parts, plastic parts and rubber parts. You have to contact a company that can manufacture the prototype once you are done with the physical prototype. You have to work with the manufacturer since they will provide free samples and provide three-dimensional printing for you will not waste your money when still perfecting the product.

Several investors like working alone, but this is not advisable since they might not perfect their idea well which is why teamwork is important and they can find unique ways of solving people’s problems. Plenty of research is required anytime you are inventing a product which should be done earlier on so you will not spend a lot of time in a project and realize you’re not solving any issue. Having an elevator pitch is essential especially since you have to explain and share your product with investors and sellers, so they know whether your invention is worth investing in.