LEOWAY 2WD eScooter – Lightest, Powerful, Safely!


The world’s first electric scooter LEOWAY 2WD with innovative i-2WD Control Module.Dual-Motor: 2 x 350WMax speed: GE -20km/h, EU – 25km/h, US – 28mphMax range: 90km / 56milesLightweigyt: 18kg / 40lbsTwo batteries: 721 (491+230)WhPnevmatic 10-inch tires LEOWAY 2WD eScooter combines the main advantages of a single motor electric scooter (lightweight, high mileage) and a dual-motor … [Read more…]

The Scale up Methodology Implementations

Scaling up is a complex aspect of implementation. It is currently receiving close attention by the policymakers. The scale-up methodology was developed because social outcomes improvement and cost reduction create pressure on the service providers. But the implementation provides an opportunity to speed-up the adoption of the most suitable practices. Scaling up involves different aspects that … [Read more…]