The Best Materials for a Garage Door Replacement

If you’re about to get a new garage door or a garage door repair, there are various materials that are available for you use. However, making a choice can be a tad difficult. 

This guide will help simplify your options: 

1. Wood and Wood Composite

Wood is the most aesthetically pleasing material that you could choose for your garage door. The material is able to resist wear and tear, so it has long-lasting potential going for it. 

It’s also pretty easy for you to customize wood and wood composite doors. However, they will need frequent refinishing and when compared to other doors, they really don’t last that long. 

2. Steel

If you want to choose a steel garage door, then make sure it’s made from two layers of galvanized steel. 

Steel also enjoys the trait of being low-maintenance, although it’s easy for a steel door to dent and rust. However, you could choose a door with a 24 or 25-gauge, or one that has a fiberglass overlay. 

3. Aluminum

Aluminium is very light. This quality alone makes the material perfect for double doors. You also have a lot of newer aluminium models that are stronger and sturdier, and thanks to laminated panels, they’re pretty much dent-resistant. 

However, it’ worth noting that you might have to pay quite a lot if you want the aluminium doors that have heavy-duty frames. While some doors have panels made of other materials, they will most likely dent easily.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass can mimic any material form you like, so malleability is one thing that it has going for it. You can also easily customize fiberglass, and if you live in a coastal region, you’ll love your fiberglass garage door even more.  

However, it’s possible for these doors to weaken and break over time – especially in the winter months.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl doors are the perfect recommendation for people with adventurous children. they don’t break or dent, so no matter how much collision they receive, they hold their firm. 

Vinyl garage doors look a lot like fiberglass in terms of their construction. However, they’re much stronger and easier to maintain. Sadly, this material doesn’t come in various colors or designs. 

One final tip: 

A lot of the time, garage doors are advertised as being heavily insulated or able to save energy. While it’s great to have these qualities, it’s important for you to note that it’s not necessarily always a good thing. 

In most cases, your garage is used for things like parking and storage. Insulation isn’t entirely required in situations like these, and it could even lead to harmful fumes being trapped inside the garage. The only time you should get an insulated door is if your garage is being used as an extra room. 

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