LEOWAY 2WD eScooter – Lightest, Powerful, Safely!


The world’s first electric scooter LEOWAY 2WD with innovative i-2WD Control Module.Dual-Motor: 2 x 350WMax speed: GE -20km/h, EU – 25km/h, US – 28mphMax range: 90km / 56milesLightweigyt: 18kg / 40lbsTwo batteries: 721 (491+230)WhPnevmatic 10-inch tires LEOWAY 2WD eScooter combines the main advantages of a single motor electric scooter (lightweight, high mileage) and a dual-motor … [Read more…]

The Scale up Methodology Implementations

Scaling up is a complex aspect of implementation. It is currently receiving close attention by the policymakers. The scale-up methodology was developed because social outcomes improvement and cost reduction create pressure on the service providers. But the implementation provides an opportunity to speed-up the adoption of the most suitable practices. Scaling up involves different aspects that … [Read more…]

AK 47 Accessories

There are plenty of AK 47 accessories on the market these days. You can purchase them where you bought your rifle, in other gun stores, or on the Internet. Usually, you will not be able to purchase any gun online legally. However, if you already have your AK, then there are many stores that will … [Read more…]