KENSHI: GHOSTS IN THE FOG | (Voice Acted Role-play)

▪ Kenshi: GHOSTS IN THE FOG (Voice Acted Role-play) ⚠️ TURN ON SUBTITLES! ⚠️ ▪ some info about the video; I let the game play itself. I try not to control where the story goes too much. whatever events fall while playing, I try to go along with it. ———————————————– 🔻 ▪ Voice Actors Ushi: Reed Kriner Ghouli: Trinity Santos Kudo: Lina Abodib Asari: Megumi Elkins Megumi: Megumi Elkins Morrigan: Eli Walker Oron: Janet Peters/Christy Carlovo Fogmen: Eriroka ▪ 2D art by: Putri (monipoye) / Rossini Crezyel ▪ 3D art by azeemdesigns ——————————————- 📌 Songs info: ▪ The Intro and the Outro Music is owned by me. made by the Composer Rayanuk Link to his shop: ———————————————— ▪ Main song: Title: Ronin Artist: Jantrax (2) © License: 🔻 “Jantrax – Ronin” is under a Creative Commons license Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)… Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: download link for the song:… 📞 Contact links: Jantrax

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