5 Top Tips To Care For Your Short Mane

Cutting your hair short is a hard decision to make, but it is equally hard to take care of your short locks. It is a myth that short hair does not require as much care as long hair. That being said, it is hair. Does it matter long or short, right? To find your style, you can speak with a good consultant at your local hair salon for your hair care needs. For now, check out these simple tips to get the ball rolling.

Here are some hair care tips for your short hair to make it more beautiful-

  1. Deep conditioning– Now that your hair is short, use a deep conditioner to give it a bit more attention. Choose a good product for your beautiful hair.    
  2. Get rid of greasy strands– If your hair gets greasy or oily quickly, you should now wash it more frequently. No more long hairs to worry about. Short hairs get oily faster than longer locks but you can combat that with frequent washing.    
  3. Lesser amount of products– Be it your shampoo or conditioner, you need to now cut down the amount you used on your longer mane. Too much use of products can make your hair look greasy.         
  4. Lesser use of combs– Short hair looks good tousled and textured. Instead of using a comb, use your fingers instead to style your hair.    
  5. Regular trim– Short hair requires some basic upkeep. If you would not like it growing out, trim your hair regularly to keep the cool style you chose.

For more tips, you can visit the a few hair salons in Dallas and see what they have to offer.